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Main Street Preservation Grants with Marian Moskowitz

Main Street Preservation Grants with Marian Moskowitz

Podcast published: May 7, 2020

The Chester Countys Commissioners set up a $5M fund to establish the Main Street Preservation program. This program allows for grants of up to $25,000 for the county’s small businesses and agriculture enterprises impacted by COVID-19. Here to talk about it with us today is Marian Moskowitz, a recently elected Chester County Commissioner, Chair of the Board of Commissioners, and Chair of the Economic Development Council.


Show Notes

Main Street Preservation Grant

  • The Board of Commissioners decided to take CARES money and put $5M towards the grant program.
  • It’s designed to help small businesses with revenue of $500,000 or less.
    • Grant is up to $25,000
    • Award money is based on location, expenses, amounts of assistance received already, and other factors
  • The County wants to help existing businesses stay open and in business, so that those businesses are ready to go as the county starts to open up.

Apply: May 11th, 5am-9pm. Apply for the Main Street Preservation grant here.

What kind information do businesses need to apply?

  • 2019 income statement, provide expenses and income details.
  • If you’re seasonal, they’ll look at the 2nd quarter of last year. 
  • Businesses started in 2020 do not qualify.

What has the county been doing since COVID-19 hit the USA (a brief timeline)?

  • The Chester County Health Dept. began monitoring the COVID-19 situation in February.
  • Once news came in, the County leadership came up with a plan, which was ready by March 13th. 
  • The County held its first COVID-19 town hall on Mar 17th
  • The team at the County has worked hard to keep the local business community informed
  • March 19th – took over the management of health needs of Delaware Co too. 
  • Last week, the County started a Business Task Force.
    • Designed to get input for reopening / repairing / restoring community
    • Core team
      • Chambers of Commerce, tourism groups, EDC
    • Advisory Team
      • Different industries
      • Restaurants, gyms, agricultural, etc.
    • Always good to have a think tank

Is there a message that the county would like to share with local businesses?

  • In terms of preparation or sustainability, businesses should start thinking about the hard questions.
    • What does an employer do when an employee is afraid to come back to work?
  • One big thing is communication: Have real dialog with your staff because you’re all in this together. 
  • Reach out and see how they’re doing. 
  • They are the key to getting you back in business again. 

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