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Erik Gudmundson on Start Local

Handling Tech while Working Remotely with Erik Gudmundson

Podcast published: April 17, 2020

Erik Gudmundson is the VP of Business Development at Pegasus Technologies, a company that provides an IT department to businesses which don’t have their own. As most of the workforce is now at home, Erik provides some great information on how to do that effectively, what to think about, and how to stay safe.

Show Notes

Episode Highlights

What is your advice to businesses who have been blindsided by the need to work remotely?

  • It’s mostly about educating your employees
  • The approach should not be technology first, it should be people first. Tech is just used to accomplished goals.
  • Ask: “What do your people need? What your vendors need?” 

How do you know what your people need?

  • Do regular calls with the staff and vendors to figure it out
  • How do we make a more personal connection when we need to “Call”?
    • Video conferencing can help. This has really taken off. 
    • Prediction: Video Conferencing is here to stay. 
    • This has enabled so much more empathy because we can see who we’re talking to. 
  • What kind of questions would you ask your clients?
    • What do you need to service your clients at the same levels?
  • Problems generally come when there are inappropriately assumed expectations.

How is Pegasus Technology changing the way it works? What about the need to serve clients on-site?

  • Historically there is no substitute for doing on-site work. 
  • The reality is that Pegasus can still do that as an essential business, BUT they don’t want to do it for a random reason. 
  • Taking advantage of tools for first time!
  • “We do not have one particular vertical”
    • Many clients are in food supply chain
      • Much of that is dependent on computers
    • Law offices / Financial Advisors are work from home
  • When it first hit, they were busier than every as people adjusted

What can businesses who have not invested in IT can do to get started?

  • Lots of info on their website / blog
  • Many tools are free / freemium
  • Keep Cyber Security in mind. Massive uptick in attacks.
    • People are distracted and not paying attention. 

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