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In advance of our recorded conversation, we want to give you some context to enable you to prepare for our chat – or at the least very, to know what to expect.

An Overview of the Show

The whole purpose of our podcast is to bring together the many folks that make up our wonderful community in greater Philadelphia to share and learn from each other.

It will certainly help create an exciting and engaging conversation if you have some time to ponder our questions before we speak.

We expect that our overall conversation will last about 45 minutes – about 20 of which will be our recorded chat. That will give us time to chit-chat, talk through the call process and then to dig into our conversation. We’ll then debrief a bit after we’ve stopped recording. Again, we’re aiming for a 20-minute podcast.

What to Bring to Our Call

When we record our call, we’ll do so using a video call from Zoom. While our conversation will be video and audio recorded, we will only publish the audio as part of the podcast. We’ll chat over video to enable ourselves to get to know each other better, and to give ourselves the benefit of visual cues.


To ensure that our sound quality is as good we can we get it (and don’t worry, we’re not purists), please use headphones during our call.


If you have a recording microphone, we ask that you use that as well during our call. If you don’t have one, that’s okay too. The mic on most computers is more than suitable.

If you plan on using a earbuds with a mic, we ask that you pay particular attention to the location of the mic. We’ve noticed that earbud mics have a tendency to click when brushed against sweatshirts, hoodies, and other heavier weight garments.

Dress code

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. We’re only publishing the audio as part of this podcast, so please wear whatever is comfortable. The hosts will be wearing whatever they have on that day. Casual attire is very acceptable.


As we’ll be talking for almost an hour, it’s best to have a beverage or two on hand. Depending on the time of day, we invite you to have coffee, tea, juice, water, beer or something stronger close by.

A Note about Pets

While we love animals, we recommend that you may want to place your cats, dogs, and other pets in another room while we record our conversation.

How We’ll Record

We use Zoom to record the podcast. The link for the Zoom call will be in the calendar invite that you receive from Calendly when you picked your preferred time to record a show. Again, we only use the audio recording for the podcast.

To improve your connection (and get the clearest call possible), please:

  • Pause Dropbox and other cloud syncing services
  • Connect via Ethernet right into the modem or router if you can.
  • Restart the computer and click on the Zoom link in the calendar invite right before our call.

Publishing Your Conversation

We’re recording our conversations before we expect to publish them as podcasts. As such, we don’t yet have a specific date when your conversation will be released online. As podcasts go, we like to be flexible in our publication schedule.

On the day that your episode goes live, we will email you a link to that show, along with the episode artwork. We invite to you to share your episode as widely as you can once it’s live.

Being on a Podcast

For many of our guests, our show is the first time that they have ever been a guest on a podcast. That’s great! We’re excited to be their first step into this great medium.

Before the Show

  • Listen to a few recent episodes. This will help give you a sense of the show, its tone, pace, and focus.
  • Think about the sort of questions that you’re likely to be asked. Consider how you’ll answer those. Think about trends, big issues, and common concerns for your industry or area of professional focus.

During the Show

  • Speak clearly and a bit more slowly that you might do in person. Keep in mind that most folks listen to podcasts while doing something else like exercising, responding to emails, cooking, etc.
  • Emphasize and re-iterate key points, again, keeping in mind that the audience is likely multi-tasking as they listen to the show.
  • Keep your answers short and focused. This will allow the hosts to ask deeper questions.
  • A podcast is a conversation and audiences tend to prefer when there is back and forth between hosts and guests.

After the Show

  • If requested by the hosts, don’t mention on social media you’ve recorded an upcoming episode.
  • After the episode has been published, do share the episode widely on social media and via email. You can include it in newsletters, blog posts, and individual emails to friends and colleagues.


If you have any questions or concerns about the above, or about your upcoming episode, please contact Liam on 610-390-9076 or liam@lbdesign.tv.